Monday, May 11, 2009

The Artist Statement

Please indulge me just a little longer. I want to share my artist statement. This is written to go with the Giggles. I find it necessary to make a statement about each series. To write one statement to encompass all seems daunting and not quite relevant to the moment. Striving to be in the moment.

My work is born out of sheer play with fabric. I call this series Giggles. Giggles started as an exercise of letting loose and getting back into creating artwork. The exercise grew into a thoughtful process of merging color and pattern to create tangible joy in a pleasing design.

I work in cotton fabric, batting and thread. I alter commercial and hand-dyed fabrics with paint, bleach and thread to create a fabric that is more of my statement rather than the fabric designer’s statement. I also seek to recycle as much fabric from other projects as possible. I employ traditional and non-traditional quilting techniques with contemporary designs to create these quilts of fun. The more I made, the more I laughed. The laughing was infectious and people started purchasing Giggles to have a colorful, fiber laugh to take home.

This work is all about sharing the laughter.

The great thing about this, I didn't set it in concrete. It can change. I am sure it will. I grow, the work changes, so must the statement that goes along with it. If you are having issues writing a statement ( I told Alicia I would rather have a root canal) she said something perfect...start with small thoughts and then link them together into larger thoughts. Perfect. Small is a great place to start. Now that I think of it, the Giggles started out at 3" x 3". Now they up to 12" square.

Perfect for the moment.

Out in the World, Part 2

The Giggles are out in the world again. This time at the Gardner Ale House,

Giggles are on display from May 11 through June 22 with a reception on Sunday, May 17 from 3-5pm.

This picture has three new pieces. I am loving them, especially the middle piece. It is called 'Your Turn'. Reminds me of a game board. The piece on the right, 'Escaping' is employing some of the techniques of the larger pieces I am working on. Bleaching, attaching other fibers etc. What fun.

As I venture to put this work out into the world more and more I searched for a way to really connect to the community they are displayed in. To that end I have decided wherever the Giggles go I will be donating ten percent of the sales to that community's food pantry. Recipient of ten percent of Gardner Ale House sales is the Gardner CAC, .

More on the larger pieces next time. Also, getting ready to submit an exhibition proposal to a gallery, been a long time since I was on the submitting end. Thankful I have had the opportunities to be on the reading end of things. I should ace it, right? Pressssssure.