Thursday, December 15, 2011

photo by Kendra

Quiet. Still. Rejuvenating. Healing. Blessed. That is how I feel about winter and the darkness it brings. I welcome it with open arms. I have needed this time more than ever. This time of rest gets me ready for spring. I am a little bit polar bear. I hibernate. Move inward and slow down. It is just where I am at and the calendar validates me.

Monday, October 31, 2011


How much is too much? I ask because I gingerly walk the high wire of communicating to an audience. I am on the email lists for a number of artists, craftspeople and musicians. I read about creating tribes, serving a constituency, and playing to a crowd.. It boggles my mind when the closing of some emails has a good 4" of the various and asundry places you could find this particular person. FB, G+, twitter, zazzle, blogspot, wordpress, etsy, mails and more. That's a full time job. I don't think I am that interesting. You have better things to do than follow me on some digital dead cat swinging frenzy. I knew an artist back in the 80's who didn't have an answering machine. She was beginning her 'craft' career. Her feeling was if you really wanted her work you would keep trying to reach her. She figured she really wasn't all that hard to find. If I typed her name, you would know her. I guess it worked for her. Both ends of the spectrum.
As always I am somewhere in the middle, floating around, swimming in the sea, just propelling forward. Anyone have any thoughts regarding this? I would really like to hear what forms of communication you engage in.

On another note...

As I type this I am listening to Tom Waits being interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air. He said many things which I want to remember and think more about. So I will go back and listen online tomorrow. But for now this one stuck: What's left when you drain the pool?

What's in your pool?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time and Change

It seems as though when I come to Swimming In The Sea I am writing about change. Today will not be different.

Change requires energy. For the last 10 months the lion's share of my energy has been given to all this maternal. I will not dwell. But will say that over these 10 months my mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. Passed away in a what seems like the speed of light. Since her passing in May I have been contemplating what it is to be without parents, my original family. I do not have siblings. So this is been big-ish.

In this time... January to now I have been doing this:

I have been stitching. Like mad. This is a detail from a whole piece of linen that measures about 2.5' x 4'. I have come full circle. I am back to the fiber art I started with at the age of 5. My mother gave me a little embroidery kit. Her idea of a kit was thread, needle, fabric and time at her side. No patterns. She showed me how to thread the needle, make an end knot, to go in and out/up and down, and finish the thread. She left me to it. I wish I had that now. The meandering I created. But in a sense I don't need it because it is what I am doing now. I have more to say about this. Because it has been a process. That is such an overused statement---but for this, it is so true. I will write about this body of work. And I won't wait 10 months to come back to this.

Unless something changes.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Passion, Many Voices

Ooooo show postcards came in the mail yesterday! One of my favorite things about being in group shows is the postcards. I am so happy and honored to be in this group. The large 'feathery' piece above is by Deborah Kruger; 'transforming the fluid and sensuous materials of fiber and wax'. I urge you to visit her site and learn more about this amazing woman and her work. I was lucky enough to interview Deborah for Valley Fiber Life magazine. We had known each other casually for years. We had never had deep conversations about life, work and energy. So it was a real treat to sit her in studio and delve into many topics. Enjoy the read.

I will be showing this piece in One Passion, Many Voices at Artworks!:

We Can Use This Map, 2010. 36" x 28" rust printed, hand stitched on cotton muslin, folds intentional.

I may be demonstrating rust printing at the exhibit in New Bedford, MA on February 19th. I will announce it if it happens. I will definitely be at the artist reception on March 5 from 3-5pm.
Hope to see you.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Being Light

This is how I feel about the new year. Filaments of light suspended in space.

This was taken at a recent visit to MassMoCA in North Adams, MA. (I can't find my note on the artist name, I will get back to you with that. ) It is a homage to the Hoosac Tunnel in the Berkshires. The sculpture of mono-filament and light is large enough to walk in. It was a magical experience. My husband and I stood face to face surrounded by this light and I just shivered. I feel I can't be completely eloquent because it was a profound experience. If you are within a reasonable driving distance to North Adams, MA I urge you to experience this sculpture.


I hope to not feel this way about the new year. That's me in the corner. Kinda looking like Little Miss Muffet. Wrapper paper never looked so ominous.