Thursday, September 17, 2009


New work here. I love love love making the circle giggles, like the green/orange one to the left. I have always had an affinity for enso circles, and circles in general (maybe that's why I love cookies). But when I started doing the bird scenes people had such a positive response to them. I didn't expect that. I love making those too. It feeds my secret desire to do illustration. So now I am going to feed my secret desire some more and watch what happens.

Can I just be cranky for a second. My favorite fabric in Northampton closed this past summer. Every contemporary quilter in the area cried. So as I am getting all this work done I am watching my stash dwindle. Where am I going to buy this fabulous fabric? I resist buying online. I want to feel the fabric. What looks pretty is not always made well. Gee, maybe I have to go to NYC on a little buying trip!!!!

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Working Here

What a great day. Much accomplished. This is what it looks like when I am done. The fruits are above the mess. I was feeling daunted by the deadline of the Garlic Fest. Now I am invigorated. Just give me a deadline and away I go. Take heart, this isn't the only space on which to create. The studio is bigger than this. More pics some other time.