Friday, July 16, 2010


With apologies to David Bowie. Why so quiet, you ask? Just life. Shall we do the list....sure. I turned 50 in June, my son announced he is moving to California with his girlfriend (she is a sweet girl), my youngest leaves for college in a month (she is a sweet girl, too), and I have to say it again-I turned 50!!! Now, I know I am not the only person to turn 50 this year. Just about every one of my classmates from ORHS class of '78 turns 50 this year. The time leading up to 50 was a lot of hand-wringing---like I could somehow stop it with hand-wringing---some chastising, some nostalgia, and a dash of Bring It On!. Today I am not quite a month into it and I have to tell you it has been liberating. I had read that happens but didn't really believe it. For me it was true, with a little help from my friends. Four friends got together to raise a glass and ask the important question, "So what gets you juiced up?" Insert lots of laughs, another bottle of wine and some dessert and you have me on a new path. I am still obsessively stitching on large pieces of cotton. But the path now contains freelance work in social media engagement and laying the groundwork for some individual consulting with artists and teaching. Fifty is ok.


Amy Dry said...

I'm finding the waters of 50 to be just fine. Swim on, sistah!

Linda Ruel Flynn said...

Happily swimmin'. Good to be in touch with you, Amy. Thanks for the compliments. L.

Doreen said...

Welcome to the Juice-ing bar!!