Sunday, February 15, 2009

Going Bigger

New Work
The last pieces were small, 3 and 4 inches square. This piece is 12" square. This piece incorporates a new technique I have been using. Painting on fusible webbing. It has rocked my world. As always photography is a stumbling block for me (so thanks to Jim dear for taking pics) Just wanted to show some new work. Some topics I will be talking about soon...oblique strategies and the surface-not necessarily at the same time. Absolutely Fabulous.


Alicia said...

Big LOVE...I am awed! Love it! Indeed - absolutley FABULOUS! This piece reminds me of a Saturday afternoon in July by the lake, the tall grass and cat tails swaying in the wavee. Bright sky, blue water, warm breezes...ah...BIG SUMMER! This is great work - kudos, hugs and kisses. Be proud.

Cindi said...

Is this your SDA piece? Can't wait for you to talk about your painting on fusible process--clearly it moves you!