Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fabric illustration for the local food co-op

image copyright 2010 Linda Ruel Flynn

This is the art quilt (hand-dyed cotton, machine and hand stitched) illustration I created for the North Quabbin Community Co-op,

Amy of Shelter Bookworks, is picking a type to complement the illustration.

I took the simple concept of farm to table and made the farm and table one. It was great fun making little veggies, plates, silverware and most of all the trellis laden with peas.


Quilt Architect said...

What cute forks. This certainly does speak about buying local and fresh. I wonder how big it is?

Linda Ruel Flynn said...

Hi Quilt Architect...(what a great moniker)
The piece is about 16" wide by 10" high. I will post the finished product with lettering etc. Speaks to buying local and fresh --mission accomplished! thanks so much