Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Gift

This morning I had the good fortune to meet and interview Scott Norris of Elam's Widow, Scott weaves linen textiles for the home. Tablecloths, dish cloths and towels in dreamy hand-dyed shades of lavender, green, grey and more. The minute I walked into his lemongrass painted studio I felt an ease and excitement at the same time. What followed was an hour or so of easy conversation about Scott's path to weaving, his palette choice, and a genuine love of fabric. I left his studio feeling as though I had been given a gift of tranquility, inspiration, knowledge and color. Please head over to Scott's website and see his work. I guarantee you will be left dreaming about using one of the most beautiful dishcloths you have ever seen. And trust me, they feel even better than they look. Enjoy!!! You can read my interview with Scott in the next month or so on

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