Monday, March 8, 2010


I was talking with my friend Chris the other day. Chris is a felt artist of the highest order, owner of New England Felting Supply/ and an all around fun and fabulous woman. We were talking about blogs and how so many of the blogs she comes across lack focus. Which made me go back and read my blog. I wouldn't call it fuzzy (the opposite of in focus). It has jumped around-'let's show Chirps, let's show trees, let's show quilts'. Do you sense a pattern here? Yeah, there is no pattern. And what is that saying about me? What do I want my work to say about me? What baffles me is when I am working at a job-job, focus is my middle name. "Get the job done". When it comes to art I jump on the wind and let me take it where it will.

Which is why there are days I walk into the studio and just don't know what to do. So I make a tote bag. Anybody want a tote bag? I seem to be accumulating a lot of tote bags.

This mental exercise has led me to let go of the Chirps. Fly, be free. I will be selling the remaining chirps at the Orange Innovation Center Open Studio and Artisan Sale on March 27 at 10:00am at OIC on West Main St. Orange, MA.

Three cheers for more focus. I am not done. More down the path.

Thanks, Chris.

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