Monday, April 5, 2010

The Conversation Continues

I am a very fortunate person to have strong artists working nearby. My friend Sharon is a big part of my process. I am also grateful to be part of a design group. I was invited about a year ago. Getting together with three other artists has been a once-a-month gift. My work has grown with the input of these women. It is a simple format of chatting & eating, looking at work - one person at a time. Once the work goes on the wall it is all business. Fresh eyes on a piece you have been staring at for weeks is welcome. They ask great questions. Make me a better artist. Last week I brought this piece. I designed it this way. I loved it. I love the stitching, the shapes, the play of the painted area in contrast to the wide open spaces. It was saying what I wanted to say ( more on that later, when it is completely done). When I hung it up and walked way back, it was lacking. What was going on? The lyrical play of space, paint and stitching were faltering. The conversation between us began..."What if there was more stitching up here?" "What if you added more painting over there?"

And then L. said "What if you turn it 90 degrees".... voila! The issues were resolved. It no longer needed more paint....more stitching. It worked. What was that Carly Simon song...when you are unhappy take a new picture, find a new view. I started to find new areas in the piece I had totally missed, I was seeing the edges differently. The edge of the painted area really popped and looked as though it was beckoning to the stitches....let us be a part of you.

Which brings it all back to the beginning. Conversations between elements.

This is how I am viewing it now. It is a good view. Once again, design group comes through. Thank you!

this is a detail of some stitching. I am enthralled with random, free-flowing, free-form stitching.