Thursday, December 30, 2010


Deep down I know time is an illusion. But I cannot seem to shake the hold time has on my psyche. I am forever navigating the moguls of things I want to do, have to do, relaxing, having fun, and just being. It is that silly time of year when we evaluate what has been and what may be. I always think of an Eckart Tolle moment with Oprah. He was talking about being in the moment and he had said something so profound and Oprah said something like ' I hope I will always remember what you just said ' to which he replied-'I hope not'. She looked amazed. That was everything in a nutshell.....I hope you don't remember this--take in what you need at this moment and leave the rest behind....

I find myself thinking about what is needed at this moment. And then I ask-well how long is a moment? Was that my tail I just passed?

This blog is one of my moguls. (I was a skier. I love moguls) I think of it often. I think about how much I want to say and then time slips. I will do better at catching it.

It is a new year. Many new opportunities on the horizon. I will share them. Because I love this mogul.

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