Monday, October 31, 2011


How much is too much? I ask because I gingerly walk the high wire of communicating to an audience. I am on the email lists for a number of artists, craftspeople and musicians. I read about creating tribes, serving a constituency, and playing to a crowd.. It boggles my mind when the closing of some emails has a good 4" of the various and asundry places you could find this particular person. FB, G+, twitter, zazzle, blogspot, wordpress, etsy, mails and more. That's a full time job. I don't think I am that interesting. You have better things to do than follow me on some digital dead cat swinging frenzy. I knew an artist back in the 80's who didn't have an answering machine. She was beginning her 'craft' career. Her feeling was if you really wanted her work you would keep trying to reach her. She figured she really wasn't all that hard to find. If I typed her name, you would know her. I guess it worked for her. Both ends of the spectrum.
As always I am somewhere in the middle, floating around, swimming in the sea, just propelling forward. Anyone have any thoughts regarding this? I would really like to hear what forms of communication you engage in.

On another note...

As I type this I am listening to Tom Waits being interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air. He said many things which I want to remember and think more about. So I will go back and listen online tomorrow. But for now this one stuck: What's left when you drain the pool?

What's in your pool?

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