Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time and Change

It seems as though when I come to Swimming In The Sea I am writing about change. Today will not be different.

Change requires energy. For the last 10 months the lion's share of my energy has been given to all this maternal. I will not dwell. But will say that over these 10 months my mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. Passed away in a what seems like the speed of light. Since her passing in May I have been contemplating what it is to be without parents, my original family. I do not have siblings. So this is been big-ish.

In this time... January to now I have been doing this:

I have been stitching. Like mad. This is a detail from a whole piece of linen that measures about 2.5' x 4'. I have come full circle. I am back to the fiber art I started with at the age of 5. My mother gave me a little embroidery kit. Her idea of a kit was thread, needle, fabric and time at her side. No patterns. She showed me how to thread the needle, make an end knot, to go in and out/up and down, and finish the thread. She left me to it. I wish I had that now. The meandering I created. But in a sense I don't need it because it is what I am doing now. I have more to say about this. Because it has been a process. That is such an overused statement---but for this, it is so true. I will write about this body of work. And I won't wait 10 months to come back to this.

Unless something changes.

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