Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not in the studio

I am blessed to have a beautiful place to work. My dear friend and artist, Sharon McCartney-see her studio and work in this Interweave Press publication, graciously allows me to work in her classroom space. It has been a gift. One I am thankful for on a daily basis. But today I wasn't there. I had planned to be there but I was sidetracked - those tangents again - by books. First time in the library then at Barnes and Noble. Sitting with stacks of books and magazines, pouring through information, inspiration, getting answers to technical questions and more. I filled three pages in the sketchbook with websites to visit, notes, thoughts, pictures. I started out feeling guilty that I wasn't working, but soon realized this was just as, if not more productive, for the day. Now, to utilize the sketchbook. I will be posting pictures of sketchbook pages. It is one of the best tools I employ.

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Alicia said...

Time away from the studio, away from the office or the computer is vitally important to the spirit of our work! Think of it like what athletes do - not every moment is spent on the ice, on the court, or in the field. The time they spend preparing makes them better...!!